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I am convinced I have the worst luck in the world.

Like.. no matter what I do, even if there's only a .00001 % chance of it happening, it wil happen. To me.

Ok. Yesterday when me + Ashley were putting the gels on the lights at Tech, Mr. Linzee was throwing a paper bag, and before he threw it I was thinking "that's going to land on my head." He threw it. It landed on my head.

In Algebra I sit, or sat, I just changed my seat Friday, underneath the pencil sharpener. Everytime someone wants to sharpen their pencil, I have to get up. This means I have to clean my seat everytime someone sharpens their pencil, which I make sure to do. Well, somehow I still ended up sitting on pencil shavings. It took a while to get them off my ass.

Now, in Englisih, even though we have assigned seats, everyone disregards them. Well, everyone sat where they wanted to sit, and of course, the only seat left for Joe was the one next to Taylor.

Today was supposed to be my catch-up-on-posting day because I have a lot of the day off, and Neopets is down. By the time Neopets is back up, my dad will wake up, and he'll tell me to get off the computer.

Why do I have the worst luck in the world?

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