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Everything happens for some reason.. Correct? Right, so if you think you have bad luck, your alone, depressed, or want to just curl up and die.. And you think no one will miss you if your gone... Your wrong... As Lex said, try looking at things from a differen't perspective.. Everything happens for a reason.. The little things that happen today, make who you will be tomorrow, and if you dont believe that, and go around saying you want to die, or your depressed, or you have the worst luck in the world.. Think about this.. Things happen, people lie, people die, people sit and wonder why.. All this is a part of growing up.. Growing up to become an individual to a wonderful life.. You life might not be the greatest at the moment, but things change, people change, and sooner or later you'll notice happy changes and you'll think back on the times where you wanted to die, or you thought you had the worst luck and you just laugh at how silly you were.. But at the time it was a big deal... So dont worry about the little things.. Things Happen.. I just wanted to say that because it was on my mind.. I know that everyone has their own problems, but just try not to worry about them too hard.. And Please Please, dont you guys ever ever EVER hurt yourselves and leave me.. Got it? 'Kay x)

<3 Katie Cat the Assum Possum
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